About Able Organizing DC

Who is Able Organizing DC?image of the orgainzer, Brett Abelman

Hello!  I’m Brett Abelman, and I’ve been a natural organizer since at least sixth grade, when my teacher let me rearrange the desks in the classroom for better views and walkability. Skip ahead two decades or so, and – after several years of me working within corporate and nonprofit environments in facilities management, administration, and human resources – you’ll find me taking to professional organizing full-time and independently as Able Organizing DC. This way, I am able to bring my organizing expertise to the aid of more than just my friends, neighbors, and office mates.

I am DC-born-and-raised, a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park, and a lifelong resident of the metropolitan area. The DC theatre community is my second home, and I work in it as a playwright, theatre critic, and occasional actor & musician. If you happen to be looking for a stage show to see in the area, I’m happy to offer a recommendation!

How can you help me? What do you do?

Professional organizing is a highly personalized service. The first step towards
helping you get organized is learning what your goals are. Are you just looking
for a neater, more usable space? Or do you want a deeper level of assistance with
managing the information, documentation, and materials that fill your life and business?

Whatever your needs, I will tailor my service to you. I can sit with you as you
describe ways you wish you could be more organized and offer you consultation
and advice; I can guide and support you as you sort through your clutter; I can
add my hands to yours as we arrange things; or I can take the lead, and check in
with you about what needs to be kept and discarded as I reorganize. Piece by piece,
paper by paper, or room by room, we’ll work towards your goal until
you are satisfied.

This may require only one or two sessions, after which I’ll leave you with a freshly
organized closet or garage; or I may engage with you for ongoing sessions for as long
as you need, either for regular upkeep and check-ins, or to tackle new projects.

For general information about what a professional organizer does, see this
National Association of Professional Organizers consumer resource page
, or this
at Lifehacker.

What is it like to work with you?

My trademark personal style is calm, yet motivated – getting things done efficiently
and directly without pressure. I am an excellent companion to work with especially
if the work is stressful for you or if you feel squeezed for time.

Exceedingly thorough, and with an eye for aesthetics and intuitive designs, I will
respond to your preferences to either take the reins of the project or to gently guide
you through the decisions and choices. Whether we have just one session together or
an ongoing partnership, my goal is to satisfy your needs and help you feel more in
control of your space, your stuff, and your life.

I am between memberships of NAPO, the National Association for Professional Organizers
as I revamp this website; I will update this once I re-up my membership. I am also a past
Director of Programs & Professional Development for the DC chapter (fall 2015).
Regardless of present membership, I adhere to the NAPO Code of Ethics.

Who will Able Organizing DC work with?

I will work with anyone in the DC Metro area from Northern Virginia to Baltimore,
including residents with houses, rented rooms, storage units, or apartments,
and businesses with offices, materials, or electronic or physical files.

I am:

  • LGBTQ-friendly, alternative lifestyle-friendly, artist-friendly
  • Neuroatypical-friendly (e.g. autism spectrum, ADD/ADHD)
  • Pet-friendly
  • Respectful of your privacy, your autonomy, and your lifestyle

image: a photograph of Brett Abelman smiling – image credit (c) Sonia Zamborsky